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  • The Letter E

    This week at Pre-School, our focus would have been on the letter E, so I've come up with an activity for the children to do regarding eggs! 

    A few of my animals have started laying eggs and so my challenge is to see if you can match up the correct animal to the egg it laid. I have attached an image and given each animal and egg a letter. This image can be printed, if you wish, and then lines can be drawn to match up the correct answers.

    We would love to see how everyone gets on, so please let us know via Tapestry. 

    I will post the correct answers at the end of the week!


  • Visiting Animals

    Over the past couple of months, Pre-School has had a number of animals come to visit including a snake and a turkey! The children all seemed to enjoy seeing some different animals, however some were more hesitent than others. 

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