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  • Balancing Challenges!

    This week, I decided to come up with couple of little challenges for everyone to try!

    Challenge number 1 is to see how long you can balance on one leg for!

    Challenge number 2 is to find a suitable object, maybe a teddy or a beanbag if you have one, and see how far you can walk with it balanced on your head!

    We would love to hear your results, maybe even a photo or video of you trying the challenges. These can be uploaded to tapestry.

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying the warm weather!


  • Guess the Object Activity

    Before the holiday I went around Pre-School taking close up pictures of some objects and toys. These objects should be ones the children will know, and so their task is to see if they can identify all the objects from the pictures I have taken. Please let us know their answers, either via tapestry, or commenting on the post on the facebook page. I will reveal the answers towards the end of the holday! 

    I hope everyone is well, and hope you all have a good Easter!


    (The images for some reason seem to have rotated themselves as they have uploaded, so if you have facebook, the images have uploaded correctly on our page).

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