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  • Fundraising Ideas

    We are starting to look at ways in which we can both raise money and save money. We will soon be setting up a "Wishing Window" (previously called a "Giving Tree") at the Pre-School to allow people to donate items we need if they would like to. The Wishing Window will be a display that is able to be seen through the window and will show various items we could make use of, for example cotton wool balls. If you wish to donate an item, you can take a look at the display and select an item from there. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

    Further to this, we have recently signed up to Amazon Smile. If you shop through this link, Amazon will donate a small proportion of the profits (of eligible purchases) to us. It doesn't cost you any extra, and so any purchases made through Amazon Smile would be greatly appreciated. It is no different to using Amazon itself, and can also be enabled through the settings of the Amazon app if you use it. The link for Amazon Smile is below:

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