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  • Christmas Crafts for sale

    Some of the members of staff at the Pre-School have been busy making some christmas crafts to sell in order to help raise some extra money. 

    These are all available to buy at the Pre-School with prices rangong from £1 to £10

  • Welcome back

    We want to wish a warm welcome back to everyone after the Easter break, and a welcome to all our new friends and their families. We hope you all had a lovely couple of weeks off!

    We have been very fortunate to have lovely sunny weather for out first week back, which we have all been taking advantage of. Bertie has been loving his new permanent outdoor space and also enjoys being in the mud garden. He enjoys helping the children dig holes as well as running and jumping around. We have also had a couple of other visitors this week: Wendy the torotise and a couple of little ducklings!

  • Bertie the Bunny

    The rabbit has finally been giving his official name which is Bertie! Thank you all for your range of wonderful suggestions!

    He's settling into life at Pre-School well and gaining confidence every day. He gets to come out for a free roam on the carpet most afternoons allowing him to get used to the children, and the children used to him! Everyone behaves very well around him, and lots of the children enjoy helping feed him treats, and lots even wanted to help clean his hutch out!

    Hector the Hedgehog is also doing well. Some of the children helped to give him a bath the other day which I think they enjoyed slightly more than he did!

  • Hopping into the New Year...

    To make a good start to 2021, we thought we could introduce a new resident to the Pre-School. We would therefore like to introduce everyone to our new French lop rabbit! He's currently only 11 weeks old so he's going to be a big boy! The children have already shown a huge interest in him, and have all adapted really well to making sure they act nice and calmly around our new friend. 

    However, he doesn't currently have a name, so we would love to hear some of your suggestions, and we will of course update you as and when we have settled on a name for him!

    We hope you all had a good Christmas, and wish you all a happy New Year!

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