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  • Fundraising Ideas

    We are starting to look at ways in which we can both raise money and save money. We will soon be setting up a "Wishing Window" (previously called a "Giving Tree") at the Pre-School to allow people to donate items we need if they would like to. The Wishing Window will be a display that is able to be seen through the window and will show various items we could make use of, for example cotton wool balls. If you wish to donate an item, you can take a look at the display and select an item from there. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

    Further to this, we have recently signed up to Amazon Smile. If you shop through this link, Amazon will donate a small proportion of the profits (of eligible purchases) to us. It doesn't cost you any extra, and so any purchases made through Amazon Smile would be greatly appreciated. It is no different to using Amazon itself, and can also be enabled through the settings of the Amazon app if you use it. The link for Amazon Smile is below:

  • Welcoming our new Pre-School pet

    One of our leavers last year very kindly gave us a hedgehog house as a leaving gift, and so over the summer holidays we welcomed a new addition to the Pre-School! He is a little African Pygmy Hedgehog. No name as of yet, but we will be sure to update you as and when he has one! We are open to suggestions, so please let us know via tapestry or on the Facebook page if you have any name ideas!

  • The letter "F"

    This week we're looking at the letter "F". As some of you might now I own quite a collection of exotic animals including a number of different species of frog. All these frogs are classed as dart frogs and would be poisonous in the wild, but thankfully due to a different diet, they're not poisonous in captivity! I've attached some pictures of some of the different species I own.

    I haven't come up with a specific challenge this week, but if anyone has any questions about the frogs they want to ask, feel free and I'll do my best to answer them!

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying this lovely warm weather!


  • The Letter "G"

    Hi everyone,

    This weeks challenge is a little bit different to usual as it's in video form! Unfortunately I cannot upload a video to the blog directly, but it can be found on our facebook page and will be on tapestry later today.

    I hope you enjoy it!


  • Jumping Challenges

    This week I've come up with a few jumping challenges to have a go at.

    Can you jump over a small object, like a bean bag?

    Can you hop on one leg, and then maybe on the other leg too?

    How far can you jump?

    How high can you jump?

    We would love to see you having a go at these challenges, maybe even a photo or video. These can be uploaded to tapestry.

    I hope everyone is well and I hope you enjoy these jumping challenges.


  • Balancing Challenges!

    This week, I decided to come up with couple of little challenges for everyone to try!

    Challenge number 1 is to see how long you can balance on one leg for!

    Challenge number 2 is to find a suitable object, maybe a teddy or a beanbag if you have one, and see how far you can walk with it balanced on your head!

    We would love to hear your results, maybe even a photo or video of you trying the challenges. These can be uploaded to tapestry.

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying the warm weather!


  • Guess the Object Activity

    Before the holiday I went around Pre-School taking close up pictures of some objects and toys. These objects should be ones the children will know, and so their task is to see if they can identify all the objects from the pictures I have taken. Please let us know their answers, either via tapestry, or commenting on the post on the facebook page. I will reveal the answers towards the end of the holday! 

    I hope everyone is well, and hope you all have a good Easter!


    (The images for some reason seem to have rotated themselves as they have uploaded, so if you have facebook, the images have uploaded correctly on our page).

  • The Letter E

    This week at Pre-School, our focus would have been on the letter E, so I've come up with an activity for the children to do regarding eggs! 

    A few of my animals have started laying eggs and so my challenge is to see if you can match up the correct animal to the egg it laid. I have attached an image and given each animal and egg a letter. This image can be printed, if you wish, and then lines can be drawn to match up the correct answers.

    We would love to see how everyone gets on, so please let us know via Tapestry. 

    I will post the correct answers at the end of the week!


  • Visiting Animals

    Over the past couple of months, Pre-School has had a number of animals come to visit including a snake and a turkey! The children all seemed to enjoy seeing some different animals, however some were more hesitent than others. 


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