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  • The Letter E

    This week at Pre-School, our focus would have been on the letter E, so I've come up with an activity for the children to do regarding eggs! 

    A few of my animals have started laying eggs and so my challenge is to see if you can match up the correct animal to the egg it laid. I have attached an image and given each animal and egg a letter. This image can be printed, if you wish, and then lines can be drawn to match up the correct answers.

    We would love to see how everyone gets on, so please let us know via Tapestry. 

    I will post the correct answers at the end of the week!


  • Visiting Animals

    Over the past couple of months, Pre-School has had a number of animals come to visit including a snake and a turkey! The children all seemed to enjoy seeing some different animals, however some were more hesitent than others. 

  • Our Igloo

    We have been busy saving plastic milk cartons which have now been transformed into our igloo. The children have enjoyed the cosy space and being able to make patterns with the tops of various colours.

  • Snow

    Just a little bit of snow brought great enjoyment for everyone. We had great fun making a small snowman whilst the snow lasted.

  • Stick Man

    We have explored the story of Stick Man this week. As well as listening to the story the children have had the opportunity to create their very own stick men. a HUGE  stick man has been created inthe garden with the children helping to drill holes for his arms and using hammers to secure them tightly in well as a few bangs to his nose to prevent it falling out.

  • Autumn Term 2018

    Wow its been a busy and hectic couple of terms. We've been busy celebrating Autumn, Witch themed stories, Pumpkin carving, Fireworks, Children in Need and Stick man. The children have had lots of opportunities to make some brilliant items made from wood, including scarecrows and stick men models. We helped raise funds for Children in need by coming to Pre School dress as characters from Hey Duggee or Pudsey. The mud kitchen has been improved with additional play equipment and opportunities to explore this area. We are currently working to clear another corner of the garden to create a woodland this space

  • Jack And The Beanstalk

    We have had a focus story of Jack And The Beanstalk. The children have loved creating the display, which had the beanstalk magically growing night after night around the Pre School room, until it reached the Giants castle.

    We have planted beans and sunflower seeds as well as doing lots of digging and planting in our mud kitchen. 

    Some old wellie boots have been planted for us to enjoy as we arrive at Pre School.


  • World Book Day

    The children really enjoyed celebrating their favourite books, songs and comics during our world book day celebrations last week (a week late due to the snow!) Many children dressed up, joined in reciting and acting out familiar stories with friends, exploring story sacks and some children even used their creative imaginations to invent their own stories! These are available to read on our World Book Day display in our foyer. 


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