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You can find information about the Preschool below. You can also download a prospectus. The best way to understand what we can offer your family is to come and visit us at a time that suits you.


We encourage you to make an appointment with your child to visit the setting to come and play, talk with the Manager, meet the staff and see the setting for your selves.  This is an opportunity to ask us any questions, and to see the Pre-School in action. Please email [email protected] or telephone 01825 890943


If you wish to register a place for your child at Framfield Pre-School, you need to complete an application to join which is available from the Pre-School or can be downloaded below.



We are open from 7.45am to 6pm Monday to Friday during term time.  Framfield Pre-School follows school term times as set out by East Sussex County Council with 5 inset days a year, when the Pre-School will be closed.

The Breakfast club runs from 7.45 -9.00 and is open to children between the age of 2-11 years.

Our Pre-School days starts at 9.00am, sessions are available as follows:

9.00-12.00, 9.00-1.00, 9.00-3.00, 12.00-3.00

The After school club operates from 3.00-6.00 which is available for children aged 2-11 years and is charged by the hour.



The fees are payable termly. Fees must still be paid if children are absent without notice for a short period of time. If your child has to be absent over a long period of time, talk to the Pre-School administrator. We will arrange individual payment plans should the above arrangements become difficult for any family.

For your child to keep her/his place at the setting, you must pay the fees. We are in receipt of nursery education funding for two, three and four year olds; where funding is not received, then fees apply. We also accept childcare vouchers, please speak to the Administrator about this. 



All children can receive Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE) starting from the funding period after their 3rd birthday until they either start school or reach compulsory school age (which is the funding period after their 5th birthday). The Pre School also offers places for children who are in reciept of their 30 hr funding. 

Please click here to see when your child is eligible for their funding.

From 2014 some two year olds will also qualify for free childcare.  Please ask if you would like more information about this provision.



To book termly sessions please complete a booking form below (there are separate forms the the Preschool and Breakfast / Afterschool Club) and return it to the Preschool Administrator before the end of the preceding term.



We maintain the ratio of adults to children in the setting that is set by the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements. We also have an Early Years apprentice to complement these ratios and welcome parent helpers and student placements. This helps us to: 

  • give time and attention to each child;

  • talk with the children about their interests and activities;

  • help children to experience and benefit from the activities we provide; and

  • allow the children to explore and be adventurous in safety.



Your child does not need to be potty trained to attend Framfield Pre-School and we will work with you to support your childs needs when potty training. You are welcome to bring your childs own potty during their session times, although a potty is available in the children's toilets.

  • We ask that you provide in a small back-pack or bag;

  • A change of clothes (top, bottoms, pants and socks) should your child have an accident or get wet during messy play or outdoors).

  • Sun hat and sun tan lotion (during summer term, and during sunny weather, please apply before the session)

  • A bottle of water (if your child prefers, but water is available to children at all times on request ?)

  • Nappies and wipes if needed.

We provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities. We encourage children to gain the skills that help them to be independent and look after themselves. These include taking themselves to the toilet and taking off, and putting on, outdoor clothes. Clothing that is easy for them to manage will help them to do this. Please put your child in a coat as well as suitable footwear to enable them to be independent. We recommend providing a pair of wellies that can stay at preschool so that your child can use the outside space in all weathers. 

So your child’s personal items do not get lost please name every item.



The setting makes snacks and meals a social time at which children and adults sit together. We plan the menus for snacks and meals so that they provide the children with healthy and nutritious food. An adult is always present at each table during milk bar and lunch time.  We operate a healthy eating policy and encourage the children to try a variety of foods.  At lunch time the children are encouraged to eat their sandwiches or savoury choices first, followed by fruit and yoghurts.( Treats are saved until the end).  

The Pre School operates a Nut Free Policy in order to protect children who may have a nut allergy. We work alongside parents to support children with a variety of food allergies and intolerances, to ensure all children can participate fully in the day to day activities of the Pre School.




The preschool has a close partnership with Framfield CEP School with whom we share a building and grounds. Many but by no means all of our children go on to attend the school and all children benefit form the partnership through the sharing of resources and ideas. Attendance of the preschool does not guarantee a place at this popular school and we work with all local schools to support every child's transition wherever they go on to.



Please see our SEND page for more information



The setting takes security extremely seriously and there are a range of measures in place to ensure the safety of the children.  The dedicated entrance is operated by a secure-entry system and camera and is manned by staff at all times to prevent unauthorised access. The door to the classroom is operated by a numerical key-coded lock, known only to staff. 

We use a password system, set by parents so that in the event that a friend or relative should collect your child on your behalf, they will be asked to give your personal password. 

We request your written permission to take your children on local outings around the village, recreation ground or playground.

We will also request your written permission for the  use pictures taken of  your children during their time at Pre School.



Copies of the setting's policies and procedures are displayed in the settings lobby. A full set of our policies and procedures can be forwarded to you if required, please ask the administrator for this. When you join we will give you a copy of the key policies.

The setting's policies help us to make sure that the service provided by the setting is a high quality one and that being a member of the setting is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and his/her parents. 

The staff and Directors of the setting work together to adopt the policies and they all have the opportunity to take part in the annual review of the policies. This review helps us to make sure that the policies are enabling the setting to provide a quality service for its members and the local community. 



We are registered with OFSTED (No: 415265). You can access our Ofsted report here.

We operate as a not for profit limited company (No: 7299870) wholly owned by a Charity (Reg No: 1139563) which are overseen by a board of directors and trustees.

We are also members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (No: 29899) the early years membership organisation which provides training and resources to settings and parents.